Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate Review

September 30, 2015
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Review

The 2010 development of Kiehl’s globally best-selling and award-winning Midnight Recovery Concentrate positioned the company as a pioneer in the facial oil category and helped fuel today’s oil trend in the beauty industry. Now Kiehl’s chemists are continuing their leadership in this category with an extraordinary formula specifically developed to support skin’s daytime defenses: introducing Daily Reviving Concentrate.

Product Details

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is a lightweight facial oil that keeps skin looking radiant all day. Kiehl’s chemists developed this concoction with 100% natural-origin ingredients in a blend of essential and botanical oils to help support the skin’s natural defense system and visibly improve the skin for an energized, fresh and healthy look.

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances extracted from plants by steam distillation. The term essential indicates that the oil carries the distinctive scent or essence of the plant. These oils are quickly absorbed by the skin’s surface, and their main components help protect the skin from oxidative and environmental stress. Botanical oils contain fatty acids and are obtained from plants. When extracted by cold press, as this formula’s are, botanical oils contain a significant amount of proteins and lipo-soluable vitamins (such as Vitamin E and A), making them readily received by the skin. In addition, studies have shown the ability of Botanical Oils to “wrap” skin and provide a “cushion” so that skin can maintain its proper hydration levels. This is especially beneficial to skin during the day when its lipid function is compromised due to environmental aggressors.


$46.00 USD/ 1 oz.

Key Ingredients

Ginger Root Oil: This essential oil is known to protect skin cells from UVA-induced lipid peroxidation and significantly reduce the release of pro-inflammatory markers.

Sunflower Seed Oil: This botanical oil is known to increase skin hydration, reduce the appearance of redness and improve skin smoothness. It also has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to stimulate receptors involved in skin barrier lipids synthesis and corneocyte’s maturation.

Tamanu Oil: This botanical oil is known for its emollient properties to lock moisture in the skin. In addition, it is rich in lipids such as linoleic acid – which has protecting properties that inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory markers.


To help skin look radiant and youthfully awakened day in and day out, apply 2-3 drops of the formula to clean skin after a serum and before a cream. I have used this oil in many different ways…you can use it along with just a serum on humid days…with a moisturizer if you need to, or you can combine it with another facial oil…there is no wrong way of using this. I have not used this oil alone, as I felt I needed a little more hydration (my skin is on the dry side). Don’t forget to use sunscreen before heading out.


This oil is great, it soaks right it…I use many different types of oils and some of them do take a little while to sink in (which I generally don’t mind) but this one – my skin just drinks this within seconds and does not leave any greasy residue. I was curious to see how my sensitive skin would react to this…but fortunately it did not cause any irritation. I love the smell – it’s citrusy, which wakes you up in the morning. I have been using this oil for a few weeks now, and I feel my skin has gotten much smoother. It looks more plump and radiant. I have always loved essential oils and the key ingredients are impressive. You obviously don’t see a difference right way, but I started noticing a difference after a week or so…my skin appeared awakened and less patchy (I did not use any exfoliating products during the testing phase). I also noticed that it helped fade an old acne scar really fast. This oil is definitely a keeper.

The Bottom Line

I really like this oil, especially how fast it absorbs in your skin…it is very lightweight and perfect for summer days, but I will definitely layer this with a heavy moisturizer during colder days. I generally do not care about fragrances in cosmetics, but I like the citrusy smell. Highly Recommended.

Full Ingredients:

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Review

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