Favorite Loose Powders from Givenchy

November 13, 2015
Favorite Loose Powders from Givenchy

I am generally a face powder kinda girl- pressed, loose or powder foundations are normally what I use on a regular basis. So, since currently my skin is going through a change from combo to dry/very dry- I’ve been testing out new powders to suit my needs. My new favorite loose powders are from Givenchy- Poudre Premiere and Prisme Libre. Keep reading to find out more!

Poudre Premiere

Poudre Premiere is basically a universal, transparent loose finishing powder for the face. This powder is white in color, but blends into a transparent gorgeous finish. I LOVE the texture -it is feather-light, EXTREMELY fine and super comfortable on the skin. The pigments are treated with an exclusive technological atomization process, which creates this extremely fine texture that glides on the skin like no other powder. I did some research before buying this powder and when I went to Sephora to test it out- it was like love at first touch hahaha…really…it’s unbelievably soft. Poudre Premiere comes with a microfiber powder puff for application, but I usually use a face brush to apply it. You can use this powder all over your face- on top of your moisturizer to control oil, as a setting powder after foundation, or just as a highlighter- whatever suits your needs. It lasts all day without touchups!

Price: $53/ 0.42 oz

Prisme Libre

Similar to Poudre Premiere, Prisme Libre was also treated with the same atomization technology to achieve that extreme fine texture. This powder, unlike Poudre Premiere is a fusion of four complimentary, complexion-refining shades that together create a natural enhanced finish. This collection consists of four different shades, which are inspired by haute couture fabrics from muslin to organza- perfect for every skin tone. Shades are:

Mousseline Pastel: Sugar-coated colors, which correct and reduce imperfections for a natural opal effect.

Taffetas Beige: A cocktail of beiges, apricot and yellow, which delivers a healthy glow in just one stroke of a brush.

Organza Caramel: Cream, peach, cappuccino—a dessert selection for the skin providing dreamy tanning.

Voile Rose: Sensual and voluptuous with a mingling of pinks and mother-of-pearl, this shade creates a halo of light and radiance.

Price: $53/ 0.42 oz

Currently I own only the Taffetas Beige, which I absolutely love as an all over face powder…but I definitely will purchase the Voile Rose for highlighting and Mousseline Pastel for general color correction.

I know what you guys must be thinking now- what about flashbacks/white casts? I was super concerned about flashbacks after purchasing these powders…one of the ingredients known to cause white cast is silica and unfortunately these powders do contain silica. So, obviously I went crazy testing these powders under different types of flashes-direct, bounced, with and without liquid foundation…etc etc. Unfortunately after all the testing I realized that they do create a white cast, but only a VERY little and I find the Prisme Libre powder creates less white cast compared to the Poudre Premiere coz of the tint. SO…since I LOVE these powder soo much, I will wear them on a regular basis, but probably not on days I know I will be photographed…also in general, as a photographer – I HATE direct undiffused flash, no one looks good in that light! So, to conclude- I highly recommend these powders for everyday use, but ALWAYS blend them very well and test your makeup with flash before heading out to make sure you don’t get that white cast in photos.


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  • Reply Linda Hobbis March 21, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    I love this brand. It’s so elegant and I always used to use loose powder – can’t think why I don’t anymore – probably something to do with having kids and no time! What’s a flashback though?

  • Reply Kashmi Kamal March 21, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Hey Linda, I can imagine having kids and no time…they take over our lives lol…flashback happens when products have ingredients like silica which basically creates a white cast on your face when you take a photo using flash- here is an example, pretty embarrassing:–how-did-it-happen-200054651.html

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